"Dancing everywhere instead of walking, thanks to the DJ

in your head‬


"Awesome concept!"

"Awesome joll last night! Keen for the

next one!"

"You guys are going to take the city by storm."

" I wouldn't mind doing this more often."

"3am McDonald's call after the most amazing party! Thank you ‪#‎WhiteNoiseSA‬"

"Really cool concept."

"Had a great night."



What's all the hype about?

We are challenging the traditional theory of every good event needing a 'large  and loud' sound system as the audio solution.


WHITE NOISE is a Cape Town silent disco supplier that supplies you and your guests with top of the range wireless headphones, through which music can be enjoyed, without disturbing any neighbours.

(Yes, your house party may now continue into the early hours of the morning.) The music can only be heard through the headphones.

Not only is this concept a weirdly unique, fun and hilarious experience for everyone at a party, but it's also a fully practical audio/communication solution for corporate events - where the listener's undivided attention is essential.


No loud music  //  Suits any venue  //  No noise complaints  //  No music to shout over  //  3 channels of music  //  Beat-sensitive flashing LED lights  // Suits any type of audio devices (DJs, iPods etc.)  // Coloured lights indicate the channels that people are tuned into.


The signal range is limited to 300 metres but that's a lot further than you think  //  You may endure the sensation of losing yourself in the music //  Your fellow silent disco'ers may remove their headphones only to realise the truth about your singing voice    //  The event will, unfortunately, come to an end and you will be requested to return your headphone  //  You may suffer silent disco withdrawal symptoms

Host your own silent events


We quote you according to the number of headphones that you require. We deliver the fully charged headphones and other necessary components. We set up the system at your event in 10 minutes and ensure that it is 100% ready. Your guests are each given a pair of headphones upon entry and are taught how to control them (volume control, channel select etc.) Each headphone is designed to receive 3 different signals from your 3 audio sources.  

Each source can play different songs but at the same time, giving your guests the choice of music (e.g. House, Techno, Rock). Everybody expresses just how much fun they're having - singing and dancing as they switch from channel to channel. Your event ends and the headphones are returned upon exit. We then disassemble the system quicker than it was setup. We then leave and everyone speaks about your event for weeks to come.


We customise our system to suit any of YOUR events!

(Below are a few ideas)

One DJ

(1 channel)

Frequency FIghters

(2 channels)

Atomic Bomb

(3 channels)

House Parties/ Weddings

Safe Karaoke

Outdoor anything

Guided Tours

Sports & Group Fitness

Conferences & Translations

Events Companies

Silent Garden

Mobile Clubbing



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